New Case, wanna power it up without the whole computer...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by EclipseGst303, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. hello, i just bought a new case with all the goodies like blue leds and led fans, etc......i had an old motherboard lying around and i was wondering what all i needed to put on it just to make the case power up....does it need the battery? or a processer? right now its JUST the motherboard, and the powersupply is powering up when its plugged into the motherbaord. So what do i need to add for it to work? or should it be working now?
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    Just make sure your fans/Leds/ETC are plugged into the powersupply. If you have an ATX powersupply just wire the power switch to the motherboard and plug in the 20pin power plug (+4 Pin 12volt too if you've got a P4 board) and it should turn on. You don't need a cpu or anything else to see if it'll fire up. The easiest way would be to just get a PSU tester (Antec makes them, cost bout $10) and plug that into the 20 pin powersupply and plug your fans/Led's/etc into their respective molexes. The tester has a switch on it to power on/off your PSU. This way you won't toast your motherboard or anything if something goes wrong. But going the powerswitch -> motherboard -> PSU works well too
  3. hmmmm, then i wonder whats wrong.....i have all the fans and everything wired up to the psu, and the switch hooked up to the motherboard, and it wont turn on, but i can hear the power supply humming.....

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