A&P new class. V.funny, and need some help...

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by jared_IRL, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Started an advanced lighting class yesterday...

    First words out of the instructors mouth: sign up for strobist.com and mail me your registration email. Failure to do this before next week is an automatic failure of the course.


    Secondly, I decided to do a Film Noir theme for this course. Restricted light, added film grain, cinematic, etc.

    Final for the course is a professionally bound 25 image 11x17 book. So this shit has to look good!

    Anyone have any recommendations on research materials for this? Anything you have is much appreciated, from movies to watch to photographers who shoot in this style to a 'how to' sort of thing...

    I'm already reading up on the strobist contest based on this topic, but more info is always helpful...

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    I teach a quick course in video lighting for one of our local college filmmaking classes. One of the topics is "film noir". The two basic things I teach my students who want to try this style of lighting is to use hard or medium hard light and use lots of backlight. The other trick is to make a "gobo" out of a piece of cardboard. Take a 15" x20" piece of cardboard, cutout a row of stripes about 1" wide and 1" apart. Put this in front of your background or key light and it will throw a nice "venetian blind" pattern on your subject or background.

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