New computer build will not start: help me

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by AaronOC, Jan 31, 2007.

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    I have built my new computer and connected all the cables to my knowledge expect for an aux cable from my cd/dvd player. When I power the computer up all the fans come on, the leds come on and then a second later the whole thing shuts down. I can't see any problems with the wiring but it seems as if it is shorting somewhere. Anybody have any idea of what is happening?
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    There are numerous possibilities but here a couple to start with. May be helpful to list all the individual components.

    What size power supply?

    Do you have two power connectors from the power supply connected to the mobo? Most newer motherboards need both. one will be a longer/wider 20 or 24 pin, the other a smaller 8 (?) pin.

    If you have a PCIExpress video card it also needs an additional connection from the pwer supply.

    One thing you can do is take the mobo from the case and lay it onto a piece of cardboard so nothing could be shorting it out. Install the cpu, heatsink/fan, video card, and one stick of RAM. Connect it to monitor and then power supply. Touch a paper clip or somehting similar across the POWER pins of the motherboard (read manual to find out which ones).
    If it powers up then shut back down and start adding one piece at a time (hard drive(s), dvd/cdrom drives, PCI cards, keyboar, mouse, etc.)

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