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    LOL.. post this for me..

    New Alvarez interview out. Some funny stuff in it.

    Including: (Regarding rematch with Nick Thompson that was moved from Dec 8th to Nov 24th) "I was down for it because I had already trained long enough and so was Nick. But considering Nick's weight, I think he comes down from 200 (pounds) -- I don't know what the hell he is, he's a slob -- but whatever he comes down from he couldn't make the weight in time. We were given two weeks or three weeks and he wasn't able to make the weight in time and then he hurt his shoulder.

    Q: And Thompson has said publicly that he has one fight remaining on his current BodogFIGHT contract. If he was to sign with EliteXC or M-1 Global would you be open to a rematch at that point?

    EA: In a second. I would do it in a second but they aren't going to sign Nick because he's not good looking enough. Nick doesn't understand. Yes, you can win fights but at the end of the day that dude is still too ugly to ever succeed in this sport. Here's the deal; Nick is always going to be ugly. I can get better at fighting; he beat me fair and square. I can always get better at fighting. I can train and become a better fighter but he'll always be that ugly and he has to live with that and deal with that (laughs)." So I really should be concerned about my ugliness? This seems sad.

    Drag On says :hay:

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