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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Hpower281, May 15, 2002.

  1. Hpower281

    Hpower281 Guest

    Bought this phone a couple of months ago. Its not available in the US yet.....Europe and Asia always get the good sh*t before we do. Go figure.

    anyways....its a pretty bada$$ phone. Features like Color screen, EMS messaging, internet browser (WAP), organizer, bluetooth (wireless everything - even hands free) .

    rated #1 by Cnet

    I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on it. Being able to talk on the phone hands free WITHOUT WIRES connecting the phone is bada$$. Voicestream and ATT should be carrying it in a few months.

  2. chibi

    chibi Guest

    t68 0wn2 j00!!


    i got my phone last feb.. at least i can play tetris in class when im bored.
  3. Hpower281

    Hpower281 Guest

    haha, homer simpson....i got thundercats lmao.
  4. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    i got that phone too...

    the sad thing is the signal reception... sometimes i can't make calls and receive calls...other than that the phone is great in feature

    if you still have tetris.. you still have the old firmware which had alot of bugs

  5. Hpower281

    Hpower281 Guest

    yea, i have tetris too. R1B firmware....bought it from HK. Just waitin until the 25th. The T68i conversion should be released then. That way i dont have to upgrade twice. Oh, as for the reception a internal antenna booster. They WORK!!! These guys got two as hell too! Internal Antenna for cheap
  6. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    yeah, me too waiting for that firmware update... i hope it is real this time...been waiting for a long time

    as for those internal antenna... that is a JOKE... common, you believe that... it is in your HEAD man... it does not work... it is proven... and i tried it before on other dont even need to buy those thing if you believe it.. just use a foal aluminium sheet... and stick it to your phone... it is the same shit

    by the way, they sell those on ebay for 1 penny
  7. chibi

    chibi Guest

    where are you guys going to get the firmware update?? i know one ericsson service center is located in minessota.. im in california.. which is inconvinent for me.. esp when ericssons tells me that the runaround time for me to get my phone back is 3 weeks
  8. chibi

    chibi Guest

    btw.. my signal does suck... usually i just hit the phone really hard on the top with the palm of my hand and it starts working normally...
  9. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    i know some people that work for ericsson near toronto canada... that can do the firmware update
  10. chibi

    chibi Guest

    california is still far from canada..
  11. Hpower281

    Hpower281 Guest

    it does work, and yes an aluminium sheet will work too. Anyting metal. Its just something else with metal on the phone. Think of it like this, have you ever walked past a TV hooked up to an antenna and the TV's picture gets better? Or put foil on a TV antenna? Same idea. Now if you think you'll have full antenna where ever you go, you stupid. I get a signal in my house now. Before I didn't get sh*t. No network.
  12. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    maybe at that time.. your provider did not have enought signal... but now they put some tower and therefore you got more signal at your happens here too... some place we got more signal now.. because they put some more tower...
    so maybe you put the booster when they putted the new tower.. so you thought that the booster is really working...

    i dont think it has anything to do with that booster...i have tried it.. and same shit reception
  13. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    go to

    and check, i heard some people somewhere in the state that are doing it... and fast service
  14. dirtybird43

    dirtybird43 Guest

    if any of you who own a t68i, and would want to sell the original box that it came in, pm me.
  15. Confused

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    May 19, 2003
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    new t68? the new replacement t68 came out 2 weeks ago, T610.. looks alright, comes with a decent camera

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