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    The MMA News Interview: Frank Shamrock

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    In the world of mixed martial arts, Frank Shamrock has done it all. Shamrock’s been the Interim King of Pancrase champion, won the UFC light heavyweight title, then won the WEC light heavyweight title which he vacated to win the Strikeforce middleweight championship which he only recently lost to Cung Le. The MMA News recently had a talk with Shamrock and here’s what was said:

    The MMA News: How’s your injury and what’s the update on your overall condition?

    Frank Shamrock: I’m cleared so the arm is back to normal. I’m training at about 60% now.

    The MMA News: Are you still looking to fight this year?

    Frank Shamrock: I’m looking for a fight in November if I can get all the cards in place. I’m trying to pick a fight with Robbie Lawler.

    The MMA News: How many fights do you have left on your contract?

    Frank Shamrock: With Strikeforce I have one, with Pro-Elite I have two more.

    The MMA News: Do you find that you don’t always get the credit for helping to innovate MMA conditioning to the levels that it has achieved now?

    Frank Shamrock: I don’t know. I mean I don’t know if I need credit but I was at the forefront of it for a long time. Even now I think I’m still pretty advanced with what’s going on. The sport grows so fast and the history of it is so cloudy that I’m just glad that guys are in good shape and the level of athletism continues to grow.

    The MMA News: What’s going on with you outside MMA?

    Frank Shamrock: It’s all about the kids.

    The MMA News: How’s the commentating with CBS working out?

    Frank Shamrock: I’m the official CBS MMA expert guy. I’ve signed up for 4-6 a year, and I put a lot of juice into it.

    The MMA News: What’s your take on Kimbo Slice?

    Frank Shamrock: He’s generally a nice guy. He’s medium skilled but he’s dedicated. If you can’t be the best at least you can make the best of the opportunity.

    The MMA News: How about Fedor Emelianenko?

    Frank Shamrock: I’ve met him on a couple of occasions and he’s the nicest guy in the world. He’s a fan of mine, and he’s so nice and respectful. He’s always been wonderful to me.

    The MMA News: How was Affliction:Banned for you?

    Frank Shamrock: I had a blast at the show.

    The MMA News: How’s your relationship with Ken?

    Frank Shamrock: I don’t think we’ll ever be okay. We grew up weird. Ken and I grew up in the media in a sport that was just like the wild west and we’re totally different people.

    The MMA News: Are you still looking at trying to fight Ken?
    Frank Shamrock: Yes. The first quarter of ‘09 is when we’re looking at making it, and I think we’re on schedule to do that.

    The MMA News: How about Tito Ortiz?

    Frank Shamrock: I talked to Tito about it and he was pretty game. I think it’s going to happen and I think that Affliction will play a big part in that.

    The MMA News: Where Is MMA headed?

    Frank Shamrock: I think that the media property outside the industry will spur mainstream attention to what we’re doing. I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be the fighting itself, but perhaps a book or a docu-drama that will bring the attention and push the sport to the next level

    The MMA News: Other than yourself who would you say is the pound for pound best fighter in the world.

    Frank Shamrock: Probably for popularity I would say GSP or Anderson Silva. It’s so funny because I’ve been that guy on multiple occasions and all of a sudden you’re not that guy and you think “Wow that’s interesting” and you eventually learn it doesn’t mean anything. At one point I was the highest paid fighter per second and the best pound for pound fighter in the world and we had the smallest audience ever. Does it really mean all that much? I just smile because next year there’ll be another guy.

    The MMA News: Give us some last words, first for your fans and then for your opponents.

    Frank Shamrock: For the fans: Keep working out, keep training. For my opponents: Keep working out, keep training.
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    True, true.
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    I like Frank


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