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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by texchef, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. texchef

    texchef Guest

    I'm starting a new and more detailed log to follow a more strict 30+ day cut. This cut will have a couple of notable exceptions on the diet: company holiday parties on Dec 4th and 12th, friends holiday party on the 19th, Christmas Day and my birthday on the 28th. These days will deviate from the diet and will more than likely not contain a gym day. This will be updated daily with the previous day's routine/diet.

    A little history:

    Been working out off and on over the last year or so with no major progress to speak of. I worked off some weight I gained back during the course of a divorce. New wife is a solid and dedicated workout partner.

    Began working out towards a set goal in June 2009. Weight at the time: 239lbs. Goal weight by September 26th, 2009: 220lbs. Goal surpassed with actual weight of 215lbs. Married September 26th in Vegas.

    Monday November 30, 2009. Current weight: 211.8.
    Target weight: 200lbs by January 9, 2010.

    Began a more regimented cut diet. Eliminating unnecessary carbs both good and bad, increase in protein and raw/steamed veggies. Increase in protein shakes to 2/day.

    Other suppliments:
    EC Stack 1c/2e twice daily. One morning, one pre-workout
    Creatine Mono: 5g pre-workout mixed with Gatorage G2 (70cal/bottle), 5g post workout with Powerade Zero (0 cal/bottle).

    Routine: Chest

    Incline DB Bench: 3 sets. Max 55x6, 55x4
    Flat Bench: 4 sets. Max 135x4x2
    Seated HammerStrength Chest. 4 sets. Max 90x2
    Seated Machine Flys: Reduction sets(x2) to failure. Started at 165, finished 85.
    Cardio: elpitical 20min. 8 incline and 8 resistence for 10 minutes, moved to 10 and 10 for remainder. Average 145-150 steps/min.

    Food taken in:

    1/4 cup almonds
    approx 1/2 cup raw baby carrots
    1 6oz chicken breast
    1 cup brown rice
    1 Special K bar (180cal)
    2 scoops Vitamin Shoppe chocolate whey (x2)
    double turkey burger (approx 8oz total) with lettuce, tomato, pickle, 1 slice cheese, 2 slices of turkey bacon
    handful of milti-grain tortilla chips

    Water taken in: approx 3/4 gal.
  2. T-R-T

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    Dec 4, 2004
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    diet sucks
  3. texchef

    texchef Guest

    If you can't contribute then GTFO.
  4. T-R-T

    T-R-T New Member

    Dec 4, 2004
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    i did contribute. your diet sucks ass. track your calories/macronutrients and read the stickies so you know what to shoot for.
  5. texchef

    texchef Guest

    If I wanted diet advice I would have asked in the main F&N forum. Troll elsewhere or effectively contribute.

    "Diet sucks" is what I would expect from someone who has little else to say.
  6. texchef

    texchef Guest

    December 1, 2009

    Current weight 210.4lbs

    Worked shoulders yesterday and didn't have much in me. Hard to focus. Possibly from my workout the previous Sunday. Did shouldgers too close together without enough recovery time.



    Seated Military Press:


    Assisted wide grip pull-ups:

    (offset weight)


    Standing front shoulder raise:


    10 minutes of eliptical cardio. Left exauhsted and pissed.
  7. T-R-T

    T-R-T New Member

    Dec 4, 2004
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    I know you're gonna say I'm trolling but you feel like shit because your diet is shit. You need more protein & calories overall. You are 210lbs eating probably not even 150g of protein. Don't drop below 200g protein and ~60g of fat. Adjust your calorie intake by manipulating your carb intake. This is how I set it up when I was cutting a few months back.

    1 - protein / carbs / fat
    2 - protein / carbs
    3 - protein / carbs
    4- protein / fat
    5 - protien / fat
    6 - protein / fat

    Basically carbs in the morning and around your workout only. PWO meals should have minimal fat. Drop the refined carbs (special k bar, tortillas) and replace with complex carbs. How far below maintenance you go is up to you just make sure you do a refeed when you need it. On refeed days you take in a huge amount of carbs (500-600 worked best for me) with as little fat as possible. You can tell you need a refeed when you start to feel sluggish and your muscles are flat. This was once a week for me but it varies depending on your metabolism and how much you are taking in. I have a pretty high metabolism (at the end of my cut i was still at like 2200-2400 calories) and I usually did a refeed once a week. Regular days I was eating about 180g of carbs.
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  8. Ish

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    Aug 9, 2004
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    Morristown, NJ
    your diet sucks
  9. texchef

    texchef Guest

    I train in the afternoon after work. Roughly 4pm or so. Then it's home and I start working on dinner. I suppose reversing the order of what you posted would work.
  10. texchef

    texchef Guest

    December 3, 2009:

    Ate a lot more yesterday. Consumed approx. 2160 calories. According to FitDay that's about 400 below maintenance. Gram breakdown for P/C/F was 250/129/58. I felt a lot better.

    Gym was thrown off a bit due some instruction from one of the Broly regulars. I asked for help a week of so ago on working into deadlifts. He ended up showing me rack pulls instead with the idea of "Work back on back days, legs on leg days." Rack pulls apparently isolate the lower/mid back and take legs out of the equation. He also recommended I drop my weights back and increase reps to 12 minimum. Got some instruction on increasing chest as well.


    Rack Pulls:


    Lat pull downs:


    Dumbell rows


    20 minutes of elliptical for cardio.
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