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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by athan, Jun 11, 2007.

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    I'm not a new rider but I'm not to humble to admit that I'm not the best rider on the block.

    Since everyone will want to know what kind of riding history I have I'll just get it all out of the way here.

    I've been riding since I was 7 and my dad let me ride the old honda 100 around the yard and eventually up and down the gravel road.. that bike was ran off a bridge when I was 12 (my brother on the bike) He was safe but that killed me getting a bike till after hs.

    College (19) I purchased a 1981 Yamaha xs 1100 Midnight special for cheap. I had to replace the ignition system and basically tune up the bike. I rode that for 2 years until I got ran over in a parking lot.... the bike was WAY too big for a beginner and it was by the grace of God that I didn't kill myself on it.

    Sr. yr College. bought a Kawasaki 1978 KZ750 out of a barn and fixed it up.. I rode that for 2 years and sold it for almost what I had in it. nice bike but it beat the shit out of me. old v twins were not meant to do 70 down the highway.

    The last year I had the kz750 my dad bought a show room condition 1976 with 6k miles on it. It was sitting in the barn gathering dust so I brought it up to my place to keep it in the garage and keep in maintained. I put about 1500 miles a year on it... enough to justify changing the oil and fixing little things for him.

    I'm currently looking at a 2002 Suzuki GSF 1200s Bandit. I've ridden a B-12 and it's more bike than I've had in the past. I've already decided that if I get this bike tomorrow I'm going to take the motorcycle saftey course as soon as they get a slot open. I think I'm a pretty safe rider but you can't ever be too safe or learn too many tools in order to be safe right?

    I'm not an expert or a HC rider, I just like the feeling of being on a bike and I like to hang out with people who understand that.
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    well welcome (back) sounds like you do have a little if not significant amount of experience in riding at least but knowing that you had all of this, why did you not take the msf course? or get your liscence?
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    I've had my license since i was 18. I never took a msf course because there was not one available in my town of origin and I've simply not taken the time to do so since I've been near a facility which provides msf courses.
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    I ride a Bandit 600 every day to commute and for fun. It's comfortable, sits at motorway speeds with ease, and is faster than my friends' SV650's.

    I would imagine the 12 is similar, but better.
  5. athan

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    But harder on fuel.

    I went and looked at it today, he had a KN filter and a yoshi exhaust put on it and had it rejetted. unfortunatly he didn't ride it enough to know that somthing isn't right with the carbs. I told him I could fix it if he would take a couple bills off the price but he's taking it back where he got the work done and said I should call on monday, he should have it back by then. the price will stay the same, he just wasn't comforable selling it in anything less that perfect running condition.

    Even running shitty it was fun to run it down the highway a couple of miles.

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