MIL New OHA policy effective 01 OCT 05

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    As of 01 OCT 05, 60 day extensions of OHA benefits for family members remaining at the old duty station has been rescinded.

    Now OHA will be canceled beginning on the NLT report date for soldiers regardless of family situation or housing contract.

    Why do I know this? Because I am PCS'ing but my housing contract requires me to pay all of OCT rent (i.e. I gave a month notice that takes me to the end of OCT). Because of my 15 OCT report date finance TRIED to tell me that I would have to pay back the last two weeks of OHA.

    I told them to kiss my ass and eventually wiggled my way out of this.

    Bottom line is that a lot of people PCSing mid month are going to be EXTREMELY pissed off.

    Basically most OCONUS housing contracts in Germany allow a military clause that allows you to break the contract with a months notice (as opposed to the two months usually required in Germany). Obvious problem is that if you recieve a short notice PCS order you will get screwed (like I almost did).

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