New pics of my car

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Venkman, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    "It smells rice, and is not happy"
  2. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    VTACKY not included
  3. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

  4. Aaron74

    Aaron74 Guest

    pert sweet ride...
  5. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

  6. Drifter

    Drifter wat

    Mar 6, 2000
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    Well those Ricers are gonna think you're a Ricer because they'll think that you think that your car is a Grey Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T.

    See what I mean Uncle Focker? :fawk:
  7. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    Grey Ghost, focker :fawk:
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    you need to clean your engine bay....and make it not stock.
  9. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    Well, four things

    1) I like my warranty

    2)Its has underdrive pulleys

    3)I decided to re-do the air system right after i took that pic, i'll post the new one later.

    4)Im too fawking lazy to clean the engine bay
  10. That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw it in Austin. It's a nice thought, but until you REALLY have some stuff done to it, it just looks like you are trying too hard to be a part of the whole "It's cool to get cars and modify them" crowd...

    I do like the color, and the hood looks nice :)
  11. It shows :down:
  12. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    I figured people would see Grey GST, thats why on the windows right behind the doors, i had little red stickers made that say "Grey Ghost"

    look close
  13. Ok but if you are "flying by" someone are you going to pause so they can read it?
  14. Fordgasm

    Fordgasm Mike Trout > All

    May 12, 2001
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    Huntington Beach, Ca
    I've never liked the way the SOHC 4.6 looks, very unintimidating.
  15. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    Well texas is gay, only 6 letters in the plate, otherwise i would have had GRY - GHST
  16. VBGOD

    VBGOD Guest

    You're such a troll...
  17. xxpanipuri

    xxpanipuri Gideeyup Motherfuckers....

    Dec 28, 2000
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    Silicon Valley, CA
    i heard u got yer ass handed to you by the lebaron!! hahaha j/k man...sweet ride...LOOKS better in person! :big grin:

    that color is pretty bad ass! :big grin:
  18. Insomniak

    Insomniak Guest

    i like the wheels.. :) any mods?
  19. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    Open cone air system

    Steeda Underdrive pulleys

    Steeda Tri-ax ripper shifter

    Flowmaster exhaust

    I'll probably order a saleen computer in the next month or so
  20. -=MagMan=-

    -=MagMan=- I gotta visit Fiji ASAP!!!

    Mar 17, 2000
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    Mission, BC, Canada
    It's a domestic, it's a friggin Mustang (the DEAD muscle car) and it's fit and finish sucks. I'd take a BMW or a HONDA over that POS anyday!
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    :cough cough:VORTECH:cough cough:

    (when warranty runs out) :big grin:

    nice color.:bigthumb:
  22. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    I would take a BMW over my car anyday, im not an idiot. But my car is better than anything honda makes, and faster.

  23. Guest

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    ---nice car---notttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Guest

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    I hate the 90' and up mustangs, Ford fucked up big time.
  25. Venkman

    Venkman Guest

    My juvi attempt

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