ENT New season of Unsolved mysteries discussion.


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Apr 11, 2011
First episode was entertaining for sure.

Second episode not so much. Just watched it, seems like a clear cut suicide to me. Woman planned very well, made clear attempts to hide her identity, then ended herself. This guy is spending 30+ minutes trying to convince me otherwise with no success.

9mm is a standard gun and does not have an overly powerful kick. Not sure why he is so certain she couldn’t keep the gun in her hand. Secondly, they make a big deal out of her having 25 bullets in her bag. That’s what a box of bullets come in. Again, not a big deal.

Suicidal people aren’t behaving rationally, but this guy takes every little idiosyncrasy and overreacts to it.

Lester Burnham

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Oct 10, 2006
First episode: based on that guys previous mental issues (bipolar and off meds), he's clearly in a dissociative state as witnessed by him wandering around with one shoe and going through random basements. He would've called police or his wife if he was lucid and in trouble.

His injuries were obviously from a trash compactor probably after crawling into a dumpster. This one didn't seem like much of a mystery, just a sad story. Seemed like people wanted there to be something more to the story, or did I miss something?

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