New spy shots of possible NSX replacement.

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    I haven't seen anything posted here yet. This was posted over at Temple of VTEC. Supposedly it's already running close to 7:37 around Nurburgring, according to witnesses. It appears to be FR, :( , but at least it looks way better than that turd ASCC. Hopefully they still bring out a true NSX successor(MR) in the near future. Definitely sounds mean with that V10. A photographer managed to snap some shots of the steering column, and it looks like it has a sequential tranny by the paddles on the column. Half of the tachometer is visible with 6k rpm's visible at the 12' o clock position, so it might have anywhere between 8k-10k rpm redline.

    You've likely seen all the spy shots from KGP Photography already, but Brenda Priddy & Co. got some shots of their own. There's already been a lot of discussion surrounding the KGP shots in our forums, and at least one user is questioning whether this car is really the NSX, or perhaps some other new "sub-NSX" sports model as the photos make this car appear rather small. Also, notice the Z06 ZR-1(?) in the background of the first pic, apparently being used as a benchmark during this test session being tested at the same time as the Honda sports car. A while back there were some rumors that Acura was working on a sub-NSX sports car that would be priced in the $50-60k bracket, a so-called Corvette-fighter. Considering the fact that the next-gen NSX isn't expected to debut until the Tokyo motor show in 2009, it's possible that this car, which appears largely finished, could be that long-rumored mid range sports coupe.


    video here
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