new supercharger for my crxb16

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by ChickenH, Aug 4, 2004.

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    Mar 12, 2003
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    SO i got a Jackson supercharger for my fully built b16. this is going in my 400 dollar crx ive been driving as a spare car.

    somewhere around 8.9 to one compression je forged oversized pistons, ported head, crower rods, 1mm oversized stainless valves, total seal rings for turbos, worked crank and block,aluminum flywheel, ceramic clutch, unorthodox single race overdrive pully, venom injectors and rail, holly fuel pressure regulator, dc 4 to one header with no cat, type r throttle body,LSD tranny.

    can't decide wich of my cams to use.
    rype r
    stock manual b16a1
    stock auto b16a1

    basicly this is my daily driver transportation to work car. so i wont put miles on my new car when i get it. i hope the little car does not let me down when im late to work. :hs:
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    ure gonna have 2 take care of that car alot more, wont b as reliable but itll still b good 2 get around in as for cams i guess u could use type r's but it also depends on what pistons u plan on using. a good crower cam will also do u good
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    your compression is a bit to low....should have gotten it to around 9:5:1 and do some good tuning. The cams I would go type-R and nothing more agressive,

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