New system build, anyone familiar with this case and have CPU cooling suggestions?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by emorphien, Mar 2, 2007.

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    I've got all new parts on the way for a new build:

    Asus P5B-E
    4gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2-667 (4x1gb)
    160gb & 400gb
    Corsair 520HX PSU
    eVGA 7950GT (bought for $200 from a friend, I don't really game)
    Lian-Li PC-V1100BPlus II case

    I'm sure someone will say I should get a better video card because it'll make a killer gaming system, but I couldn't care less. I am mainly interested in image processing (scientific) as well as photoshop and of course I multitask like a madman hence the system buildup and double the ram of my current systems. Relative silence is also a key point of interest for me.

    I'm looking at CPU coolers, currently considering the Zalman 9500 and 9700. I don't need overkill, I want something good for keeping low temps with mild overclocks. From what I've read 3.0Ghz is a mild overclock for a lot of E6600s so if I take it that far, I take it that far. I'd rather something that uses a standard mounting system rather than mounting through the board since I've done that before with an SP-94 on an older P4 system but if I install it when I do the initial build it's no big deal. The scythe ninja also seems to be an option although fitting it on the P5B-E seems to be a worry.

    The 9500 seems like enough for what I realistically need but are there any other suggestions? I've been out of the cooling gear for a while and am feeling perhaps a bit perplexed and overwhelmed. They've all gotten so big since I last cared! I've also considered staying with the stock cooler, I hear it's actually quite good and might be enough for what I'll be asking of it.

    and yes... I'll be running Vista
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