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    I bought a new TKW holster from for my Glock 19. I'll be using it for USPSA. Initial impressions are good. Cut & finish is very clean, kydex is good and thick all the hardware looks top notch, and the belt channel is tight and well contoured.

    I got it mostly because I didn't care for the "snap-in" type retention the Uncle Mikes has, and because the Uncle Mikes really didn't ride that well on my body type... narrow waist and wider at the hips (in the last picture you can see where I inserted some washers on the Uncle Mikes to increase the offset a little).

    All the pictures are compared against the $20 Uncle Mike's I had been using.

    Front (Uncle Mikes Left --- TKW right)

    Back (Uncle Mikes Left --- TKW right)

    Holstered in the TKW

    Holstered in the Uncle Mikes

    Side shot in the TWK

    Side shot in the Uncle Mikes (you can see where I inserted some washers to offset the angle a little more

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