New to PC 7424, what products?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Kerpal, Feb 22, 2005.

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    So I've been reading the threads here, but I see so many products listed with amazing results that I don't really know which would be the best for my needs.

    I'm going to be buying a PC 7424 soon, and after getting the hang of it on my own cars I plan to start doing some side jobs again. I'm wondering what products aren't painfully expensive and will deliver good results on all colors... a cleaner, swirl remover, polish, wax? Most of the cars I encounter have swirl marks, but don't otherwise need a full paint cleaning. Is there something reccomended to polish and remove swirls in one step with great results (DACP?)?

    I have full bottles of Meguiars #26 and 3M Imperial Hand Polish someone gave me, should I use those? I love the #26, but haven't tried it with a DA before...

    Any tips on getting white / light colored cars to shine really well? I just bought a white '90 Mustang that should have a ton of potential after a proper cleaning. I'd like the paint to look like it's so wet it should be dripping. :big grin: I suppose I'm not opposed to buying something 'special' for my own car, as long as it's not in the Pinnacle price range. :hs:

    Thanks. :)
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