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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Standalone, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Hey guy's,

    I stupidly recieved a virus through msn while talking to a good friend, He was infected with the virus and i was trying to help him fix the problem when i thought he sent me a file (screen shot) of the problem being fixed, It turned out that it was the virus sending the file automatically and now i have it, i know what your going to say and im kicking myself harder than you could imagine for doing this and accepting the file, but now i have the same problem and don't even know what the virus is called, It has stuffed up my Norton Internet Security and wont even scan now, It won't let me get into "Regedit" to try and delete the reg keys (if i could even find which one it is) and now its blocking me from veiwing some websites while i am trying to browse the net for possible virus solutions, Im really stuck here guy's and don't know what to do, im no good at building comps or having anything to do with the inside of a computer (ive been told to format my comp with Win Xp Cd but im not to sure what to do,I havnt made a backup since i bought the computer 3 months ago and have no idea what im doing), i know the basics when dealing with programs,internet,games, and things like that and can follow instructions to the letter if explained properly but this has got me stumped and i need help, even if someone knows the name of the new msn instant messanger virus or knows a friend that got it and fixed it and would be able to tell me, that would be much appreciated,

    Thankyou in advance

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    Thankyou for the reply, I downloaded and ran AVG and the new removal tool just incase but still no luck, i wish i knew the name of the virus but at the moment im running around blind having no luck at all, I appreciate the Help though, Thankyou.
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    start your computer in safe mode, run adaware (with upto date definitions) and then a virus scanner, ie , they both offer free online scaning.

    it might help resolve your problem.

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