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    Roughly translated...

    The first part of an exclusive interview with the legendary soldier and a veteran of Pride, in which he answers the questions of site visitors and

    How did you come to Pride?

    After a tournament in Kiev «Night brilianta» came the invitation to speak at Pride.

    What style of martial arts is for you main?

    For me, all the same box, but of course the fight is not amiss. You may be universal, but you can own jumps in hand, but the main thing to be able to use it.

    Tell me what your favorite fight in Pride and UFC, if there are any?

    I do not like fights where I go and win by KO, in «one gate», and the like where the date given, it is like to fight, to feel the enemy, «Poruba», just as dogs pogryztsya.

    What do you think could Kazushi Sakuraba beat you, if it had not fought in battle with Royce Gracie?

    I think not, he has not had a chance.

    Is it true that residents of the village where you lived, Igor, was beaten to the bell when you were angry?

    Well, this is such a joke, just friends joke went. There really was hanging fire bell.

    What is your breakfast?

    Difficult to say ... cottage cheese with honey, pancakes, sandwiches.

    What advice can give novice athletes? What is your sport mode?

    Now we can say no. But morning exercise do obyazatelno.Samoe important to follow a healthy lifestyle. The whole should be the measure.

    Do the events of MMA? Whose speech like to watch most?

    Well, yes, watch box, watch Megasport channel «fighter» from time to time. I love to watch boxing - light weight.

    We heard that you went out because of injuries? Tell us more, please.

    Yes, injured right arm, very much - to do the operation. Not fully bent, did not unbend.

    Is it true that you had to fight against Wanderley Silva at Pride 34 final?

    No, this was not.

    What do you consider your greatest victory?

    I say to tournaments: this is my first tournament in Kiev «Night brilianta». In fact it was such a tournament, which even shocked me. And then probably the first and second bout with Mark Kerr - these are the fights that are memorable

    Do not want to come to America and to arrange a meeting with the fans?

    If invited, why not.

    Where can I buy a poster with your autograph?

    Now posters are not releasing, before we had a lot of posters, postcards. Now as then, unfortunately, not been doing this, do not pay attention.

    You prefer to fight with bare fists, or by updating the rules in the lining? There is a chance that you will return, or injury is too serious?

    Better with naked of course - the result is quite faster.
    The trauma is too severe, so I do not think is the most important point - that recovery from injury, but will train and coach.

    How is your restaurant? Whether to open new restaurants? There is still bakes pechenki?

    According to still Peccoud, public catering is the most profitable business - always have

    If you continue to act as if you took a fight with Fedor?

    Hard to say ... to all who need gotovitsya.Vazhno how to prepare and tune into the fight.

    Whom do you consider the most beautiful fighter?

    I really like Sakuraba, is a very exciting fighter.

    Who was the most difficult opponent for you?

    If we talk about winning the battles on the severity of the battle is probably fighting with Kerr - is what to remember. Of Losing fights might Coleman: there is not enough, perhaps, prepare, I later, when watching the recording - there have been mistakes, like the battle and fulfilled, but never had to do. Well, even Heath Herring - it was quite equal battle.

    Do you agree that Fedor copied the style of your attacks? There were options to fight against Shilt and Sylvia .... And what other potential fights did not take place?

    Well there is. Many of his copy, and the Japanese too. The so-called strike «Igor Vovchanchina». I go into the hall, and there spend all «my» blow.
    No, like everything that was planned - was held.

    Roll whether on motorcycles?

    No, not now.

    Will you at home?

    I hope that yes.

    You know what a huge number of fans you have around the world?

    Yes, guess.

    Well whether you were the organizers of Pride? Is it good to pay and stuff ...?

    Very good, everything was wonderful. Second, I think such an organization would not.

    Could today firmly fit in the heavy division?

    I think yes, if it were a normal form, there was no injury - could have been.

    Why do you never invited in the sparring partners other elite fighters?

    Why? Copy their style ... I think it is necessary to play their game.

    To be continued.
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    roughly translated indeed

    Roll whether on motorcycles?

    No, not now.
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    no gym for home
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    all i want to know is : will he fight again and where
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    Igor was the shit

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