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Jan 20, 2001
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And shouts out to Bia :o her For Certain album has some bangers and her videos are hot :hot:

J. Cole w an all time great verse on this one :bowdown:



Bully Troll Crew
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Dec 30, 2004

Featured Albums:​

  1. Flo Milli β€” You Still Here, Ho?
    Featured Tracks: "Conceited," "Pay Day," "On My Nerves"
  2. Jack White β€” Entering Heaven Alive
    Featured Tracks: "I've Got You Surrounded (With My Love)," "A Tip from You to Me," "Taking Me Back (Gently)," "Queen of the Bees"
  3. Rico Nasty β€” Las Ruinas
    Featured Tracks: "Skullflower," "Messy," "Gotsta Get Paid," "Easy"
  4. Joey Bada$$ β€” 2000
    Featured Tracks: " Eulogy," "Show Me"
  5. Sam Prekop & John McEntire β€” Sons Of
    Featured Tracks: "A Ghost At Noon," "A Yellow Robe"

Lightning Round:​

  • Beach Bunny β€” Emotional Creature
  • Jitwam β€” Third
  • The Koreatown Oddity β€” ISTHISFORREAL?

Other notable releases for July 22:​

  • Ben Harper β€” Bloodline Maintenance
  • Channelers β€” Time, Space and Thought
  • Imperial Triumphant β€” Spirit of Ecstasy
  • The Kooks β€” 10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark
  • Nina Nastasia β€” Riderless Horse
  • Oceans of Slumber β€” Starlight and Ash
  • ODESZA β€” The Last Goodbye
  • Pool Kids β€” Pool Kids
  • Rafael Anton Irisarri - Agitas Al Sol
  • RZA & Bobby Digital β€” RZA Presents: Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snakes
  • The Sadies β€” Colder Streams
  • She & Him β€” Melt Away: A Tribute To Brian Wilson
  • Tanya Tagaq β€” Tongues North Star Remixes
  • Thor Harris β€” Doom Dub II
  • Ty Segall β€” "Hello, Hi"

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