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Bully Troll Crew
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Dec 30, 2004

Featured Albums:

  1. M.I.A. — Mata
    Featured Songs: "The One," "Tribe," "Popular"
  2. Tove Lo — Dirt Femme
    Featured Songs: "2 Die 4," "Suburbia"
  3. Mykki Blanco — Stay Close to Music
    Featured Songs: "Trust a Little Bit," "Family Ties," "French Lessons," "Carry On"
  4. The 1975 — Being Funny in a Foreign Language
    Featured Songs: "I'm in Love With You," "When We Are Together"
  5. Ryuichi Sakamoto — Exception (Original Soundtrack)
    Featured Songs: "Opening for Exception," "Collusion," "Operating The Drone"

Lightning Round:

  • Lil Baby — It's Only Me
  • Mavi — Laughing So Hard It Hurts
  • AO Gerber — Meet Me at the Gloaming
  • Kool G Rap — Last of a Dying Breed
  • Plains — I Walked With You a Ways
  • Betty Who — Big!

Other notable releases for Oct. 14:

  • Alaskalaska — Still Life
  • Ashe — Ray
  • BATTS — The Nightline
  • Betty Boo — Boomerang
  • Bill Callahan — YTI⅃AƎЯ
  • Boston Manor — Datura
  • Brian Eno — ForeverAndEverNoMore
  • Charlotte Dos Santos — Morfo
  • Daphne Parker Powell — The Starter Wife
  • David Bowie — Heroes (45th Anniversary Edition)
  • Fazerdaze — Break!
  • Field Medic — grow your hair long if you're wanting to see something that you can change
  • The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir — Slow Murder
  • John Zorn — Multiplicities: A Repository of Non-Existent Objects
  • Julianna Riolino — All Blue
  • LA Salami — Ottoline
  • Lightning Seeds — See You in the Stars
  • Logan Farmer — A Mold for the Bell
  • Lolo Zouaï — PLAYGIRL
  • Lorna Shore — Pain Remains
  • Lucrecia Dalt — ¡Ay!
  • Mabe Fratti — Se Ve Desde Aquí
  • Nothing More — SPIRITS
  • October Drift — I Don't Belong Anywhere
  • Palm — Nicks and Grazes
  • PVA — Blush
  • Rachel Grimes, Angélica Negrón, Shara Nova, Caroline Shaw, Sarah Kirkland Snider, A Far Cry — The Blue Hour
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers — Return of the Dream Canteen
  • Skullcrusher — Quiet the Room
  • Stephen Becker — A Calm That Shifts
  • Todd Rundgren — Space Force
  • The Unthanks — Sorrows Away
  • Various Artists — Here It Is: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen
  • Wild Pink — ILYSM
  • Winter — What Kind of Blue Are You?
  • Zella Day — Sunday in Heaven
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Mar 23, 2007

this is the track of the weekend tho. who needs dad rockers when masterpieces like this exist


CEO of Antifa
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Apr 30, 2020
Bay Area
New bjork is good btw. Production takes you on quite a journey

Will need a few spins to fully sink in
I know I'm way behind in this thread, but I was in Amoeba Music in San Francisco with my mom the day the new Bjork album came out and they were playing it and I lingered even longer than I usually do in a record store just so I could hear it all. Gonna have to pick it up on vinyl soon. I was really fucking baked and it sounded great.
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