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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by DiabSoule!, Mar 11, 2008.

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    34 years old, 6' tall, currently 180lbs and my guesstimate is 23-24% body fat. What you guys would call skinny fat. Always been lean. When younger I played lots of baseball and hockey but as the years wore on and I drank beer, got a desk job & activity decreased. I thought weight training would be a good way to get fit, have been at it for 3 months now without really missing a day, definately an infant when it comes to weight training.

    My goal for now is to achieve the 195-200lb mark, drop the bf% to 15-16 and obviously increase strength.

    I train at home, have a two benches, several bars and dumbbells. No squat rack or cage. I am loosely following the Rippetoe full body routine and focusing on core exercises. I did ride the stationary bike at first but have not really been keeping up with the cardio lately well, other than shovelling all the snow we've had.

    typical session looks like this

    flat bench or military press 2x5x70%, 3x5 (70% means 70% of the final 3x5 weight)
    bent over row 2x5x70%, 3x5
    squat 2x8x70%, 3x8 - limited by how much I can lift over my head so I increased reps from 5 to 8.
    deadlift (every other session) - 1x5x70%, 1-2x5
    upright rows (every other session) - 3x8

    I'd really like to find someone who can teach me to do a proper power clean.

    on occasion, I throw in flyes, lateral raises, hammer curls and wrist curls.

    I'm still playing with my diet but, it seems as though I need to eat somewhere in the vicinity of 2100-2200 cals/day to maintain weight (which seems low to me??). protein in every meal - i get at least my body weight in grams/protein. keeping the fat intake in the 22-25% range of calories in. try to (and usually succesful) eat 5 smaller meals a day.

    have made what I consider good gains in the past 3 months in terms of strength. not posting numbers, I don't want to bring the F&N avg down. ;)

    What I am looking for is comments/suggestions on what I am doing be it exercises or nutrition, and whether it's a good way to achieve what I am after. Also looking for suggestions on exercises that will train the lats. I don't have a chin up bar or a pulldown machine. For that matter any exercises to change things up a bit once in a while.
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