LGBT NEWS: Gay Catholics Demand Apology From Philandering Priest

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    The irony is too much. :mamoru:

    Gay Catholics Demand Apology From Philandering Priest
    by Newscenter Staff

    Posted: August 15, 2005 11:00 am ET

    (New York City) Members of Dignity, the organization for gay Catholics, demonstrated Sunday in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral demanding an apology from a priest who blamed gays for the ills of the church before becoming embroiled in his own sex scandal.

    Monsignor Eugene Clark resigned as rector of the New York cathedral last week after being named as "the other man" in a nasty divorce involving the woman who was his private secretary. (story)

    Clark has denied the affair with Laura DeFilippo but a video shows him entering a suburban motel room with the woman.

    Clark was noted for his fiery speeches on chastity, family life and for repeated attacks on gays in sermons and on diocese sponsored radio and television.

    In 1999 Clark told a Catholic radio audience that gays are "the enemy of Christian marriage and Christian falling in love and all the tenderness that goes with that." In 2002 Clark Clark blamed gays for the sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church. In a homily delivered from the pulpit at the cathedral Clark called homosexuality a "disorder," and said gay men should not be allowed to become priests.

    It resulted in protests by gays and abuse victims who said the church was trying to make gays scapegoats for the scandal.

    Clark later recanted his comments, but within months he launched a new salvo, accusing gays of destroying Catholic family life.

    In a radio broadcast he said Hollywood was controlled by gays and their supporters advancing a "homosexual agenda". "A whole generation of Americans has been American popular culture which is Hollywood and the media, Hollywood taking the most advanced step in this."

    On Sunday, a small group of Dignity members carrying signs stood on Fifth Avenue in front of the Cathedral demanding Clark apologize and yelling "Hypocrisy! Apologize!"

    "He linked the sex abuse scandal - you know, the sex abuse in the Catholic Church - with the gay community. He blamed the gay community for this crisis," said gay activist and Dignity member Brendan Fay.

    Clark was not in the Cathedral on Sunday. Edward Cardinal Egan also was absent.
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    That is a delicious story. Amazing though that he had an affair w/a woman...those types are usually closet queens.

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