LGBT NEWS: N. H. Gay Marriage Hearings To Examine Professionals

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    N. H. Gay Marriage Hearings To Examine Professionals
    by Newscenter Staff

    Posted: August 16, 2005 9:00 pm ET

    (Concord, New Hampshire) A New Hampshire commission that has been gauging public support for same-sex marriage is turning its attention to lawyers, economists and psychologists with only a few months left before it delivers its recommendations to the state legislature.

    The commission was created last May as part of a law passed to forbid the recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages. (story)

    New Hampshire law already bans same-sex marriage but there were concerns that couples from the state would travel to Massachusetts or Canada, wed, and return home seeking to have those marriages recognized.

    In creating the commission the legislature said it wanted to have a complete look at same-sex relationships including the possibility of repealing the bans on gay marriage or of permitting civil unions similar to those in Vermont. The commission was asked to examine all state laws that would need to be rewritten -- including child custody and inheritance statutes

    The commission failed to hold any meetings for nearly a year, then began moving across the state hearing from citizens. This week the commission voted to invite a long list of professionals to get their input. The list includes legal, psychological and economic experts.

    The hearings will be begin in mid September.

    The commission must then prepare its final report with recommendations and hand it in to the legislature by December 1.

    During the private citizen hearings the commission heard from people both in favor and opposed to recognizing same-sex couples. But, even in conservative Littleton the majority were in favor of legal protections for gay families.

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