MIL News Story: Soldier Fit For Combat But Not Fit To Deliver Mail

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    Soldier Fit For Combat But Not Fit To Deliver Mail

    Guardsman Has Letters Declaring Him Fit For Combat

    POSTED: 7:28 am CST March 23, 2006
    BUFFALO, N.Y. -- He's cleared for combat duty with the U.S. military but not fit enough to deliver the U.S. mail.
    Jason Lyon has been turned down for a postal carrier job because of the ankle injury he suffered after jumping off an Army Humvee while serving with the Army in Baghdad two years ago.
    After a few weeks, military doctors certified the 28-year-old sergeant physically fit and he returned to combat duty. Lyon was later wounded by a roadside bomb that killed three of his comrades.
    A doctor for the U.S. Postal Service ruled that Lyon's ankle injury makes him unfit to be hired as a mail carrier. The doctor said the injury would make it difficult for the National Guardsman to walk or stand for long periods of time.
    Lyon has a stack of Army medical reports that declare him fit for combat. He said it seems unfair that he can carry a rifle, but not a mail bag.
    Postal officials said Lyon is welcome to apply for a job as a clerk or custodian.
    But Lyon told The Buffalo News he wants to work as a mail carrier because it pays more and lets him work with the public.

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    Makes you think about civilian and military doctors...
    Reminds me of "Drink Water, Drive On"

    "Drill Sergeant, He broke his leg", "Drink Water"

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