SRS Nightmare

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    A man of unpleasant ambition brought me to locate an organism that would bring him power. I knew how the creatures worked. When I entered the cave I saw the little strings lying innocently all along the floor. Sweat slipped down my neck and my skin crawled.

    I approached the altar where a stone lever was hinged inside the wall of the cave and following the man's order I pulled the stone lever to the ground.

    With a slow acceleration the strings began to move towards each other in tens of thousands of tiny dark clumps. My heartrate increased and I felt a moment of intense fear as I watched them join and join again, writhing blind but attracted to the heat of my body. As the mass of the clumps increased they developed into a swarm of worms and leeches, thousands filling the room and coming off the walls of the cave.

    For the organism to take hold it required the host to be covered by a swarm from the ground up, until they invaded the mouth and dove down into the host's stomach. For a moment I was paralyzed as I watched the blood worms and leeches crawling up my body, a seemingly enormous black mass of parasites tickling me obscenely as they oozed towards my anus. I felt them attempting access and still I was frozen. The swarm rised to my chest.

    I broke free and ran out of the room, shaking off the parasites and leaving them to take over the ambitious man who had brought me here. For some reason I could not help but peek back into the cave to see what happened. The man had turned into a gigantic sluglike organism and I recognized with cold horror that his eyes betrayed an enormous intelligence, and anger.

    The next part of the process required that the man eat me alive and spit me out again. This time my legs worked and I escaped into the swamp.

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