A&P Nikon School coming to Washington DC in Nov - worth it?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Wobistdu, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Wobistdu

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    You can take their 2nd tier class for $159 which is an 8hr one day session. It goes over a lot of stuff.

    Has anyone done this? I wonder if it's worth it.

    Topics covered:
    • Getting the best color through in-camera processing and menu settings
    • How to make the most of RAW format images, and maximize a workflow built around RAW
    • Importance of subject placement (spatial relationships)
    • Tripods
    • Understanding how the qualities of light - quantity, range, size and color - affect photos and how to make the most of them
    • Learning to control and modify light
    • Flash - from fill and bounce to a live demo of Nikon's Creative Lighting system and multiple flash units. Includes how to use gels to match ambient light or create new looks
    • Using the download process to add valuable metadata
    • Color management: from camera to print
    • Live demo of Nikon Capture NX 2 focusing on advanced editing features
    • Resizing, sharpening and soft proofing for output
    • Backup and Archiving
    • Understanding the process of telling a story with photos, and then bringing that story to life through a slideshow
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    I'd guess that most of those topics can be self-taught either by experience or using free online resources. The price is pretty cheap but I guess it's up to you if you want to spend the money having someone walk you through learning those processes instead of spending the time to do it yourself.
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  4. Wobistdu

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    yeah but you're paying for what would hopefully be an experienced photographer who knows every nikon camera teaching you.

    i was hoping someone here took a class with them and had feedback. i taught myself light room 2 and photoshop, but a class would have been beneficial. they always offer good tricks/suggestions

    if i don't do this, might ask some photographer i know to give me a few hours of instruction in his studio
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    hurr durr
    When/where? I *might* be interested.
  6. Wobistdu

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