Nissan Wire Harness Install Question

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by CGann, Mar 6, 2003.

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    I'm getting ready to install an Eclipse 8051 dead head in my 03 Altima and I wanted to double check some things about the wiring. I do have a harness and I did a search on here looking up all the right wire codes. My friend ended up having his dash not working on his 98 nissan so I wanted to make sure this is right....

    My deck has only 1 orange illumination wire coming out of it. Now when it was installed in my cavalier i had the "Positive Dimmer" wire on the GM harness connected to the Illumination wire on the deck. I am using a Metra harness. My question is when I connect it to my Altima do I connect the Illumination wire from the deck to the "Illumination" wire (solid orange) on the altima or the "Grounded Dimmer" Wire (Orange with a black stripe)? Is one of them not used? I would rather not fry my dash light switch or fuse if I can help. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!!

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