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    all u people that have nitrous out there....answer this ? nitrous worth it??? im not sure what to say....i went to test drive a car that i was might gunna buy, and the parents made a mistake of saying that their kid once had nitrous on it.....this thing sounded good, looked good, rims, lowered, and the parents said he had a complety rebuilt engine, i asked for a test drive, and me and my friend took it out, this thing felt like it was 60hp or less.......the nitrous had done sooo much engine damage it was not even funny, running about 10-15 mph i dropped it into first and took off and it did not throw your head back or answer my it worth it?
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    Jul 31, 2001
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    bay area
    what car? and keep in mind you'd have to constantly refill since the car "felt like it was 60hp..."
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    Oct 9, 2003
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    I think Nitrous gives you the most HP for the buck. But, jesus, don't abuse it. Only keep it for the tracks and you wont kill your car so much. 25 or 50 shot for a stock engine.
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    wut kinda car is it? i had nos on my old civic it was nice on the highway but dont keep usin it alot and for a long period of time, wut engien was is?

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