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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by spliffer1, Jan 10, 2009.

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    I'm so fucking frustrated about this.

    I have a MacBook computer and run Windows XP on the Windows side and recently lost sound. When you go to sound - its says No Audio Device is there, but it is and all drivers are updated. I have gone into Device Manager and confirmed all is there, but there is a yellow exclamation mark there. I've updated the drivers, uninstalled, and reinstalled it and nothing. My Windows Audio is set to run automatically.

    I have installed all Windows and Apple updates. I believe that the Windows update is the one that blew it away.

    I don't want to restore, but have tried 100 different things and still have no sound.

    Anybody have this issue?
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    Maybe ask apple for some windows drivers.
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    I had this same problem with XP on a custom built PC that had been working correctly for over a year, you can see my thread here:

    Short answer is, I couldn't figure it out. I installed vista since I had been meaning to anyway and haven't had a problem. I suspect it may have been an automatic update even though I was fairly sure I had that disabled, because I have no idea what else could have happened.

    *edit* nevermind, your problem is different. I did not see a yellow exclamation point in device manager, mine said everything was working properly.

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