CAR No thread/excitement for the new 2022 Sierra 1500?


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Oct 5, 2003
Interior is a huge improvement over the previous gen. $80k though for a 5.5 bed. At that price I'd rather a TRX or Raptor tbh. More capability and faster.


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Nov 12, 2000
AT4X piqued my interest for about 5 minutes, but i'd rather have a raptor or a new tundra TRD pro.


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Jan 17, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
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Jan 17, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
Supercruise is standard on Ultimate - It's part of the reason the gap between Denali and Ultimate is like $15k or 20k whatever,

I don't mind the carbon bed, I'd like the dark accents, supercruise, and the diesel. I'm just hoping the diesel is a no cost options since the 6.2 is spendy on other models
Standard, but half come with an addendum removing it :mamoru:
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Sep 17, 2002
Dallas, TX
The interior that it should've come with in 2019. I can't believe GM released that truck with that original interior. It would've looked out of place in 2009, nevermind 2019.
They tried to say that GM customer's don't want fancy interiors, that they want something functional, etc. Lol. I wish I could find the article.


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Dec 12, 2000
Omaha, NE
thoughts on 6.2 vs 3.0 diesel?
Depends what you want.. I have a friend who has one, he loves it. In town mileage is great, highway mileage is great... he tows a 5k boat - truck gets 17-18 doing it...

3.0 is gonna make nearly all torque at a low RPM, and get 25-30 mpg (lots of factors here) on the interstate. It's a Diesel engine that was designed from the ground up for use in a half ton truck, and is really well designed. I think the one thing that scares people (which IMO is a non issue) is the oil pump is driven by a submerged belt. Service of this belt requires splitting of the engine and trans, but it is scheduled to last 150k+++. Complete non issue for me.

6.2 is a fucking blast to drive, but in town mileage won't be as good as the diesel.. but it will get low 20's on the interstate. The 6.2 does have some valve issues, I believe them to be sporadic.

The diesel will come with the usual diesel things - DEF, fuel filter changes (not sure on interval), and managing the fuel in the winter. There are no "tunes" yet to tune out the emissions components, but we all know its probably coming. Banks is working on a "Derringer" tuner.


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Dec 12, 2000
Omaha, NE
what's a ~ medium trim (leather, good radio) with Supercruise gonna run
SuperCruise won't be available on every trim.

For GMC - Denali - on Denali Ultimate its a standard feature.
For Chevy - High Country

For Chevy and GM - you have to upgrade to the 6.2 or the 3.0... (Denali Ultimate these are the only engine options available)

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