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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by whitshak, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I've had my Nokia 6280 for a while now and been content with the 64Mb miniSD card that came with it. I've just purchased a 2Gb miniSD card to use in the phone so it can hold more photos and more music files.

    As the initial 64mB card came with the phone, it was loaded with various 'Nokia' files (such as bonus themes and music files etc). However these seem to be 'locked' to this card. No matter how I try (via the Nokia File Browser or putting the miniSD card into an SD adapter and putting it directly into my computer) I cannot find a way to copy this data to my computer so I can load it onto my new card.

    Every time I do it it appears the files are hidden or locked. I have checked their properties and they aren't read-only or hidden.

    Has anyone else experience this or similar sort of problem?


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