SRS Non-prescription anti-depressants (St John's Wort)?

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    I don't know how much, or if I really do suffer from depression, but I know that I often feel depressed, usually pretty severely (it seems) for a couple of weeks every other month or so. It's not continuous. I also have a lot of anxiety and get very angry very easily.

    I had thought about seeking treatment and/or counseling for a couple of years, but didn't figure I really needed it. Recently, we just had our first child and I find myself getting very angry when he goes into crying fits and won't shut up. I know I shouldn't and it's the only way babies communicate for the first few months, but it grates on my nerves and really gets me mad, almost to the point where I'm afraid I may get angry enough to be rough enough with him and inadvertantly hurt him. I definitely don't want to do that! When I'm feeling depressed I get angrier easier and it's harder to control. I'm really worried.

    Because of this, I've started thinking about seeking counseling or medication to keep it under control. Concerned about it, I talked to my parents about it and they said that they heard good things about taking St. John's Wort. I've been doing it for about 4 weeks and haven't really noticed any improvement. My moods and emotions jump around so much that it's difficult to tell.

    My mother sometimes comes under a lot of stress and a relative doctor of mine prescribed some medication for her that's only to be taken in high stress cases. I forget the name, (Alavert??? Doesn't seem right to me though) but she gave me a couple of them to try and said that if they work and I find myself needing them to see about getting some of my own.

    Has anybody had any positive experience with St John's Word over an extended period of time (I'm taking 900mg/day currently) or can recommend some sort of non-habit-forming and non-withdrawal-symptom medication that can be taken on an as-needed basis to help calm someone down?

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