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    Sep 7, 2004
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    i have an alpine head unit the 9827 in my ranger with 4 blaupunkt 3way 5x7 150 watt speakers and 1 amplified 8" bazooka tube (beacuse of very small space behind seats its not an extended cab)

    ive played around with the bass and trebel to where it sounds good but i really dont know how to tune all the frequencys ive only played with the 100's(i think)which is the first to come up on the program, how do i learn what each frequency does. if anyone has a site i would greatly appreciate it.

    this next paragraph will show how little i know is it possible to make the bass sound snappier like a real kick drum would be (i listed to rock not rap) i believe this would be done with the frequencys but i dont know how they work

    if anyone has sites that can help me that would be great thank you

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