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    Ok, i own a 98 seville with major oxidation due to the idiotic previous owner, and a 1995 crown victoria LX

    crown victoria i used zymol wax, came out good

    \The caddy i used the same, came out better, but the crown vic has some MAJOR swirl marks of some sort. I want to get rid of them, what should i use. The car also has a few scratches that a claybar really wont take out, or more of, i havent tried hard enough. The paint that got on the car i think did not damage my paint. How can i get this out. I heard scratchx works good

    Oxidation, how in fucks sake do i get it out. Its horrible.

    Let me show you


    What should i do

    Also, i am using zymol wax, should i keep using that, or switch to a sealant. I heard a sealant can give it that "glass" look, and i like that, but i am not sure and totally lost. The only buffer i have is a random orbit craftsman, and i dont exactly know how to use that.

    Also, i want to keep this cheap as possible, and this isnt a big deal, but id prefer to get the stuff in the store.
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    Have you read any of the stickies? They address swirl removal.

    BTW, direct sun shots work much better to show defects...

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