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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Jay Pheezy, Mar 28, 2008.

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    Hey. Wondering if you experienced peoples can help me with some quick noob questions. I was trying to interpret a stats graph and failed. So I decided to ask you good folk:

    1. From my understanding:
    6.Successful server requests 1,029 Requests
    7.Successful requests for pages 389 Requests for pages
    Should be interpreted as 389 total ppl visited and they retrieved 1,029 items on the page?

    2. File Size Report
    1. 0 167 0.00%
    2. 1B- 10B 0 0.00%
    3. 11B- 100B 2 0.00%
    4. 101B- 1kB 159 0.01%
    5. 1kB- 10kB 363 0.21%
    6. 10kB-100kB 193 0.68%
    7.100kB- 1MB 23 1.53%
    8. 1MB- 10MB 122 97.57%

    The chart is file size - number of requests - percentage of bytes

    So this filesize report I wonder about next. There is a ~9 MB flash video on the home page I understand (I'm asking for a good friend). So I interpret this as a lot of people closed half way through the vid while 122 stuck through most of it?? Also, the 167 people that have 0 reporting, does that mean nothing loaded up at all?? (he suspects the site was down shortly.)

    3. This one is in the general summary:

    10.Unwanted lines in the logfile - 48 Lines

    I don't get it. Someone on here must know. :)

    Thanks guys :x:
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    dude post the fucking graph or use analytics :rofl:

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