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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Jacy, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Welcome to the Style Lab subforum. We're a close-knit group and will often gladly help those who need help, but most of us have low tolerance for reposted threads as they clutter the subforum. PM me to have threads added to this list. It'll be less cluttered to have one thread with a comprehensive list rather than 10 separate stickied threads. :)

    Introduce yourself to TSL:

    Informative threads:

    EDU: Denim guide:

    EDU: Cologne guide:

    EDU: How To Tie a Tie v. Half Windsor

    Skin care tips:

    Hair care tips:

    Link Lists:

    Fashion related sites:

    Online shopping sites:

    Where to buy authentic sneakers online:

    Home decor resources:

    Sales & coupons:

    Proxy Services:

    Want to buy something that's only sold in Japan? Rika's proxy service:

    Post your .... picture threads [do not make separate threads for your individual purchaes]:​

    Post your purchases:

    What are you wearing today?

    Post your coats:

    Post your shoes:

    Post your dress shoes:

    Post your watch:

    Post your sunglasses:

    Post your glasses:

    Post your living space:

    Official Loft thread:

    Commonly reposted question threads:

    Going back and forth in your mind... should I buy ...?

    Favorite brands of jeans?

    Recommend cologne/perfume?:

    Slim fitted suits?

    Skinny ties?

    Plain t-shirts?

    Shirts similar to threadless shirts?

    Slim fitted v-neck shirts?

    Slim fitted button up shirts?

    Can big guys have style too?

    Quality luggage brands?

    Wallet suggestions?

    Hair products?

    Miscellaneous Threads:​

    Post photos of the same sex:

    Post photos of the opposite sex:

    Hypebeast crew thread:
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  2. Jacy

    Jacy red lipstick brigade

    Aug 26, 2002
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    San Francisco
    (as defined by Fazle)

    01. No cuss words in subject lines.

    02. Nudity in ANY form is only allowed in the main forum, and NWS MUST be linked with a warning statement above the link.

    03. Racial slurs or bad fellowship is not allowed. Constant negativity, bashing, trolling, etc is a bannable offense.

    04. Post Whoring is not allowed. Post Whoring is defined as posting multiple repetitive responses in a single thread. Posting the same content in every thread is considered whoring.
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