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    Sorry if this post is in the wrong section; didn’t know which section to put it in.

    I’d like to apologize in advance; this post isn’t about the car, but more for assistance from LS1 owners.

    Last night (Sunday, 5/12), at around 8 pm, My wife and I, with my 3 year old boy on a jogger/stroller, were jogging in East Brunswick, NJ, in a section of town called River Road. It had stopped raining, so we were the only ones jogging at that time. Not a lot of cars go on this road. We were on the sidewalk.

    A Green Chevy Camaro (looked like one of the newer models), going towards us, accelerated, came close to the curb, and threw a plastic (not paper) cup filled with soda and hit my wife on the arm, while she was pushing my 3 year old on the stroller.

    There are some things I am thankful to God for : one, the projectile didn’t hit my 3 year old, second, it was my wife’s arm (which ended up being bruised and swollen), and not her face, third, it wasn’t anything harder than a plastic cup.

    I had always thought my town was pretty decent, that we didn’t have these types driving around; I’m sure a lot of you feel the same about your town. This event obviously proved me wrong.

    It is unbelievable to me that people (I wouldn’t even guess if these were kids or adults) would actually do something like this, which is equivalent to assault, on a family with a 3 year old with them! I’d be a little less outraged if it was just me and my wife, but my kid was with us! What is this world coming to?

    Because of this, I would like to ask for assistance from members of this board. I would hope you would agree that what happened is just plain wrong, specially with my 3 year old present. I shudder everytime I think what could have happened if the full cup of soda hit my son.

    If you hear of any stories from anyone bragging about how they threw a cup of soda at this family while they were driving their Camaro on Sunday night, I would appreciate an email letting me know who they are, where they live, phone number, any information at all. My email address is [email protected]. Obviously, I am anxious to get in touch with these people. Also, if you could post this note to other forums, maybe someone will know someone with this information.

    And yes, I admit to blanking out from the shock of what happened, as well; I should have taken down the plates, but I didn’t.

    Sorry for the rant. It is shameful that events like this happen nowadays; it is a sad testament to our times. I wouldn’t wish this on happening to anyone.

    Thanks for your help, folks.

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