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    I had a dream last night where i was on the brink of dying. Not sure the events that lead upto it but last thing i remember fully was being in ER and i went critical and they were revitalizing me but the machine that counts BPM was going down (i believe) i came to as someone phoned me and then i woke up

    does it mean anything? i've never had a dream like this but have also never been a believer of dreams mean something.
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    Dreams always mean something, even in the mentally ill. Though it may make less sense, it's purpose is still an attempt to find meaning. Medications can impair or increase the likelyhood of dreaming, but dreams are always based on prior information we've perceived.

    To me dreams are like the Defragmention of the human mind. We defragment hard drives to organize data and to move it to appropriate places that allow faster access as well as what is sensible and practical for the hard drive to integrate the material effectively.

    The human mind I believe uses sleep to do the same, and sometimes data that needs further assistance being intregrated into the persons psyche and unconscious states requires some symbolic or overt form to tie the information to it's proper contextual understanding.

    So, what does this mean? Dreams reorganize and assist in reconciling conscious events perceived by the senses, as well as sometimes making unconscious information conscious. By doing this, it is probable that human beings and higher capacity animals were more effective psychologically in interacting with their environment. Sometimes problems are resolved in sleep.

    The bottomline is Consciousness is like a Windows Operating system, or any "picture/sound etc" operating system. Below the system are complicated addresses and coordinates for where information is stored on the hard drive.

    This much like how humans access, alter, organize, and integrate material, the mind make's it easier by identifying pattern (or, allowing us to create our own) in order to handle data.

    So, a dream about death? Could be a result of significant changes happening to you that you consider critical. Could be fear of death. It could be a lot of things, but really you're the one who actually knows the answer, you just need to stumble across it while someone throws out ideas. It's an "a-ha" kind of process.

    Maybe someone you love died, maybe it's a lack of control. If it's important enough to you stiil, then think it over further.
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    Here's what I think and I'm no expert.

    I think time or the world or God was showing what could have been if you hadn't gone to sleep.


    Unless you have a talent for seeing the future in dreams, I wouldn't worry.


    Or it could have been your body saying "this is how tired you are".

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