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  1. So my SO complains that my cum tastes bad. I've heard the diet plays a large role in that. I've cut down on the soda and cigerretes and dont drink. I've heard that pineapple juice has an impact

    Is this true? And how long will it take my body to process it and effect the taste? Im also trying to include more fresh fruit.

    Do I have to drink a quart everyday? Or is it a once a day thing for a week and it will change or what?
  2. scent of a wookie

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    I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd do a lifestyle change just to change the taste of my cum

    maybe I have more important things to worry about
  3. fray

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    Some people care about their SO's comfort, plus how it affects their sex life. Are you saying that if your girl was tasting nasty and you asked her to wash more often, it'd be completely cool if she didn't feel like it?

    It takes like 5 seconds. Not like the guy is allergic to pineapples.
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    I've been lucky enough to have never dated a guy with disgusting spunk, but I have known a handful of girls who said they've tasted cum that was unbearable. And go figure, all of those guys were beer guzzling, horrible-fast food eating guys.

    I recall someone on Loveline asking Dr. Drew if the pineapple juice thing worked and he said it won't necessarily make your cum taste like pineapple juice, but it is still better for you than soda :dunno: I also dated a guy (whose didn't taste bad before) who tried it and I tasted no pineapple juice :rofl:

    But yes, you need to increase how much water you take in especially. Adding resh fruit to your diet also helps. They always say vegetarians have the best tasting cum and I have to believe them. Salty foods will come through. Also I think exercise has something to do with it.

    Basically being a healthy human being overall will help. Don't expect resuts in a week either my friend...
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    Pinapple juice will work to a small degree, however it will usually only work if you expunge (cum) say 2 nights before, then drink pineapple juice before bed etc and plan her to taste you the next day. As bodily fluids get re-produced.

    Here's the general plan

    #1) Drink lots of water
    #2) Drink very little alcohol
    #3) No read meats
    #4) No fish
    #5) No liver
    #6) Exercise

  6. 1. check
    2. check
    3. ok
    4. :wtc:
    5. check
    6. check

    thanks for the responses guys/girls. Lie I said I wasnt sure about some of the stuff
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    Have you had complaints from previous SOs?

    I figure if all your SOs didn't mind the taste of your cum, and then one tells you "it tastes bad," she's probably juts making excuses and doesn't want to tell you "I don't like to swallow/take it in the mouth."

    Or it could be variations in the taste buds between different people, kind of like how most people love vinegar but I think it's the most horrid substance on Earth.

    And diet totally matters. I've heard pineapple juice is best. Asparagus and tuna make your pee smell like asparagus and tuna, respectively, so I assume they can't help your cum much, either.
  8. Alaya

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    This could be true, but people's diets change a lot. His past exes may have simply not said anything, or he could have been eating different things at the time.

    And I agree with the vegetarian thing :o My SO is a vegetarian and his is the most mild/"best" tasting I've ever had :dunno:
  9. Jack Horner

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    My cum tastes like marshmallows and reeks of blossoming dandelions -- what the fuck is wrong with you people?
  10. antihero

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    anyone who doesnt think diet plays a role, have you girlfriend eat a reasonable ammount of asperagus with lunch and dinner.

    go down on her.

    come back to the thread and post about how you were completely wrong.

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