SRS not sure what i can do


May 29, 2005
out there
well just this last weekend i broke up with my g/f i have a kid on the way with her and shes planning on moving 10 hours away at the end of year.Ive got a lot on my mind and im a nervous wreck pretty much. i had moved back into my dads house for the time being. these last few days have been miserable. my work vary's and i havent been working much this week so Ive been home a lot pretty much depressed i sit here and think about it all the time don't get any sleep, randomly tear up out of know where. the only time i feel good is when im out with my friends, but i dont have many and well they have lives to and im not asking them to spend every money with me. im pretty much wondering if anyone can give me advice as to what to do to get this off my head and make it easier.

thanks OTA


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Look, don't make your heart a murder hole and just spit it out on what has caused the break up , we can't do much if we don't know the cause of all your problems, so please specify more clearly on what's going on in your life that has led to the current mess.


you shut your cunt
Sep 1, 2006
Wait, you and the gf officially ended it? I'm just trying to make sure because I think in your Vag thread you were going to stay with her? I'm a little confused.


May 29, 2005
out there
OK well shes a doctor shes living here for the next 2 and a half years to finish a program at which point she wanted to move back home i was OK with that i told her i would move with her in a few years. we found out we had a kid on the way she wanted to move back home near her parents in like 2 months i wasn't OK with that cause i would have to get another job and such and wanted some time to save a little money aside. well i had talked her into staying here for the 2 and a half years she said she was everything was ok. well just this last week she told me shes gonna move end of december and been planning it for some time. i was mad cause she didnt tell me about it and she told me im not a good enough reason for her to stay here and she was gonna move without me if she had to. so i got mad said some words and told her i was moving out...thats where i am now officially i would say we broke up

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