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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by SkyLeach, Oct 12, 2007.

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    question guys: I've got an NTFS partition that I recovered off a really flaky HD. The partition was on an HP desktop and had some Fat16 HP recovery partition as primary partition 1 and the NTFS volume as part. 2.

    I've restored the NTFS partition to a new HD, I can mount it with Recovery Console and either the ntfs/ntfs-3g drivers, verify the contents, etc...

    Problem is, neither the ntldr nor grub can boot the partition. It just hangs with the flashing cursor and nothing else.

    So far I've tried fixmbr and fixboot from RC. When those didn't work I installed grub and used the rootnoverify(hd0,0) and chainloader +1/chainloader (hd0,0)+1 all with the same black screen and flashing cursor...

    I'm wondering 1.) is this is some kind of strange HP crap? 2.) Does anyone have another fix to recommend for getting ntldr to load windows?

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