NXT Wax vs. Pinnacle Souvern Wax

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Unknown User, Feb 23, 2004.

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    One is $14.99, the other is around $60/$70 jar.

    I've always been a believer in Pinnacle products and have always used them.

    Just last night I ordered NXT Car Wash, DACP, SFP, and NXT Wax. Wondering if anyone has compared the two products and what you think?

    Is Pinnacle truely worth the price or "You get what you pay for"?
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    Souveran is a real nice wax, very wet and deep looking but S100 at 1/4th the price gets you 95% of the look of Souveran and I think Clearkote's Carnauba Moose looks just as deep and wet as Souveran does (and at $18 a bottle). If that extra 5% of look is worth 4 times the price to you, then Souveran is worth it.

    NXT is a very good comprimise between the super reflective look of Klasse or Zaino and the deep rich wet look of high end carnaubas. I'd say you get 90% of the characteristics of each look, not bad for $15. You will notice that it takes about 24 hours for NXT to cure and give the best look. It looks very nice initially and then even deeper and more reflective the next day. Slickness also improves.

    You can go through my photohost gallery http://www.photohost.org/gallery/showgallery.php?stype=2&si=Scottwax&cat=500&sort=1&ppuser=1099

    I always list products used with my detailing pictures.

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