ENT *SNWS* NYPD may have ID'd the guy that mugged my wife. Also, pics of her butt


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May 11, 2006
Not sure if anyone remembers this crazy story.

She was walking home after work around 7pm, just out of the nearby subway. Some teenager rode by on a bike and snatched her phone. He figured he could just ride off into the night. But not this day. Wifey promptly chased him down and within 100 yards she leapt into the air :eek3: and tackled his ass :eek3: , throwing him off his bike and onto the ground. A struggled ensued. :coold:He broke free and ran up the street, leaving his bike. She chased him. A nearby security guard noticed the melee and joined the chase. When he realized the security guard might catch him, he ditched the phone, smashing it on the ground. He got away. :mad:

Wifey then went back and stole his bike :oopsie:, riding it directly to the police precinct across the street from our apt, where I met her. She was so pumped on adrenalin she could barely form a sentence.:eek3d: I was pretty freaked out, and relieved, and kinda mad that she had potentially risked her life over a phone, but whatevz

When the cop at the front desk heard the story, he was like "wait, youze stole HIS bike?!" :eek3: He invited us in, and then quickly gathered the whole squad around us so she could tell the story again. They were all like "Wait wait wait... youze tellin' me... dat diss little broad... tackled the perp?!... and STOLE THE PERP'S BIKE?!" She's 5' 4", and Chinese by way of Vancouver, and 110 lbs wet. Any new cop that came into the squadroom was dragged over to hear her tell the story, again and again. They were thrilled! :rofl:

She looked at some mug shots after that, but no dice. Plus, it was dark, and she was so angry :mad: that she didn't really get a good look. They said it sounded like the same guy that had been doing this to women all over the neighborhood, and they'd call us if they caught him.

Yesterday a detective from the 84th called, saying that the fingerprints on the bike came back from the lab 4 YEARS LATER and they now have a suspect. They asked if she thought she could ID him if she saw him again. Lucky for his ass, she was honest, and said she wouldn't have even been able to ID him that night, much less 4 years later. They said "fair enough", and that they'd probably get him on something else anyway, and that was that. :hsughno:

Wheels of justice, broz. :hs:

Booty pic for proof
taken at my parent's house this past summer. Fuck no, I don't have lacey curtains.



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May 11, 2006
This thread falls flat imo


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