Objective beliefs and standards and morality

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    reposted from another thread because it is a fundamental change that you have to make to your belief system for the good of your psychological well being

    it DOES NOT BENEFIT you in any way to think about people being immoral, or bad people, or anythign else that implies that they should live up to some sort of objectively existing way that is 'right" to act. You can have your OWN standards of what you want, what you expect, and what you accept out of the people you want in your life, but don't call that morality or anythig similar because you are trying to use some sort of external source as a reason why you like or don't like certain things. Not only is this not recognizing the real case (you don't like this or that because of your SUBJECTIVE beliefs) but also, you'll find that if you're a cool guy, it is MUCH more influential and powerful when you say things like "_I_ like it, i think this is important" rather than going to some sort of external standard of why other people should like it... kind of a weird concept but i hope you understand that
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