SRS odd situation with ex.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by sexhaver420, Dec 20, 2005.

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    So i was dating my girlfriend for 9 months, everything was going great until she cheated on me. After that I tried to avoid her but somehow she got me back, I think she used sex to get my love back. For the past 4 months she's been dating the guy she cheated on me with, but I've still been fucking her. We still spend time with eachother, mostly because of the sex. She's a pyscho messed up bitch with problems and I wouldnt wanna spend any time around her, but she gives me good sex so why not :bigthumb: but recently its been getting pretty lame. She wont give me sex as often and she will tell me she doesn't wanna do it anymore. She only does it with me if I tell her I love her or give her that BS. I really dont, I just say that to get some. Part of me wants to keep fucking her so I can fuck over the guy she cheated on me with because he's a douche. A lot of people tell me to leave her alone and shit but I really find it hard to do. SOMETIMES I will get feelings for her but thats only when she is really affectionate with me. I am more affectionate than 95% of the guys out there I think. It also gives me something to do while I'm on break for school. It makes me go to bed early, and it gives me a reason to wake up, so I can fuck her the next day. She says she only wants to be my friend, but I really dont think that or else she wouldnt fuck me. She also says she's scared of me, and she thinks I'm crazy. Why does she fuck me? Should I leave her alone? What can I do to help get the fuck away from her? Why does finding a new girl have to be so hard?

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    Move on. No reason to stay in a fucked up situation where the love is gone, and all that is left are two people who like to fuck one another and lots of no-rules headgames. Once you abandon this vagina, you can start looking for another one.
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    you gotta understand you're paying a hefty price for that pussy, both in the mindgames she's playing, the emotional damage, and the potential for a trip to the hospital if you get caught and the guy throws a fit.

    Also, it sounds as if you may be a little clingy/jealous in your behaviors towards her.

    She's a cheating whore, so who knows how many ppl she's fucked, or even how many she's fucking right now, so there's a high chance of STDs.

    Last but not least, she's manipulating and using you for her own selfish desires. She's using the sex to get her claws into you, and now that she has, it's starting to become harder to get. Note how you now have to tell her how much you love her, etc, to get sex. Soon you will have to bring gifts and give her hour long massages. Not long after, you wont always get sex even when you do.

    She will keep this up until she has got all she wants from you, whereas she'll discard you, and you will be nothing but a sucked-dry husk of a broken man, and no woman will even look at you for years, until you heal enough to be 'healthy' again.

    Quit it now and don't look back.

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