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Nov 23, 2011
He will decline year 5 and resign for another 4+1 player option on a $66m -> $71m -> $76m -> $83m = for a minimum of $296m guaranteed 4 year contract. Year 5 will be around $89.5m bringing the total to $385.5m, minimum. It could be 10% higher depending on the final TV deal and depending on the max yearly bump based on the new CBA. It's currently 8%/yr on a supermax but might go up to 10 or 11%...

I could see this too


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Oct 12, 2000
The Town

I could see this too

While he loves those fuckin horses more than basketball he also seems like a dude who takes committing to the Nuggets quite seriously. I don't see him playing till 42, like his game would allow him, but to leave $85m+/yr on the table, even at $500m earned, seems pretty unlikely.
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Jul 6, 2001
Why the Suns I don’t get it, playing with an aging CP3

That's exactly why he would like to play with the Suns. CP3 is not a shoot-first guard like many of the star guards he's worked with. He can if he has to, but unlike Curry, Harden or Kyrie, he doesn't need to drop at least 20-25 a game to be successful. CP3 is still a good floor general who can pass well and has an great basketball IQ.

Also, the Suns lack shot creation. Dallas trapped Paul and doubled Booker to much success. Nobody else on that team can do that...

...which in turn leads to one of the many reasons why they don't feel like they should pay Ayton a max.


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Nov 23, 2011
They have enough assets now - a ridiculous amount - to pursue some really really top tier disgruntled players …

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