***OFFICIAL 2023 NBA PLAYOFFS THREAD*** V. Knicksin6? V. SixxiesStillSuck V.FuckLebron

oh sweet sweet summer Doc



He probably he was good in the East 🤣
Kerr starting to feel that coach heat, especially with his boss uncertain about returning
If anything that comment was smart af because it accomplishes two things:

A) Deflects blame on the Warriors' loss
B) Blaming Dray's punch and then saying he wants him back = codespeak to Lacob and the front office that he wants Poole gone this off-season
I'd guess they want Dray back if he opts in ... but that seems unlikely, he is 33, been in decline for years and probably should be trying to get 1 more good payday ... if he's unrestricted, some dumb team with cap room will sign him for way too much
First off silver out here hilarious. Basically was like o word? This dumb mf did this shit TWICE?!

I expect at least 30 games but the more the better.
Also lol spurs of course. and I would say congrats to my home squad for landing scoot but who knows how the hornets will fuck this up
And lastly, all seems right in the playoffs with the nuggs deep dicking the Lakers

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