CREW SRS Official, NON-POL, Covid-19™ Thread. We're Endemic now! No more delusions of herd immunity.


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Oct 8, 2004
San Francisco
I didn’t think I had sustained any lung or heart damage from covid but now that I’m back to work this week they both feel tight as fuck :hs:

Somebody tell me there’s evidence of cardiovascular damage from covid being reversible and there isn’t virus shrapnel just fucking my shit up forever :hs:


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Sep 1, 2003
The A
Because it’s everywhere. Unless you’re wearing a mask 24/7 you’re going to be exposed anyways. I’m vaccinated.

IMO Covid is endemic now.
Just ran across some studies that are estimating that 1 in 10 Americans is currently infected with The Cron and many have no idea.
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Jan 9, 2002
Wife high school she teaches at has around 2000 students. They have had over 250 students out with covid in the last 1.5 weeks since getting back from winter break.
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Sep 1, 2003
The A
As to what happens next in the pandemic, many experts, including top US infectious disease scientist Anthony Fauci, are hopeful the virus may continue evolving into a more prevalent but less severe pathogen because of selection pressure.

This would mean eventually living with a virus that causes only mild-to-moderate disease in most vaccinated people, with treatments such as Pfizer’s antiviral pill and monoclonal antibody infusions to help people who are at highest risk.

There are, however, no guarantees. In a recent interview with Der Spiegel, Fauci said that there would be continuing “smoldering” infections, particularly in lower-income countries with lower vaccination rates.

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