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Jul 2, 2001
This is an effort to stop the $1B+ black market for stolen iPhone components. It happens with some other devices, but iPhones are by far the most profitable product to target for this type of theft.

You know how people steal phones even though there's iCloud activation lock and shit like that? They don't care because they're harvesting components to resell.

There have been huge organized efforts to purchase phones en masse in Hong Kong, China, and some other countries, swap out the internals with fake or knock-off components, and return them for a refund. They then go and sell those components later. Apple caught onto this and started routing these phones that wouldn't power on to repair depots. The organized crime rings caught onto this and effectively ddos'd the repair depots by returning thousands of units at a time backing up the repair depots to the point where stores had to honor the refund because they couldn't wait for repair depots to confirm the authenticity of internal components in units that wouldn't power on.

Apple digitally signing every component to the phone is an effort to stop this (read: harvested components won't work, so their resale value goes to zero). Secondary benefit to it is to ensure that 3rd party bullshit components (especially poorly manufactured batteries) don't end up in peoples' phones and cause battery fires that then get blamed on Apple. I have literally no idea why Apple doesn't make this public since they know everyone thinks it's an anti-repair thing, which it's not.

It's never Apple just being a typical shitty greedy corporation like most of them are. Always some excuse. SMH.

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