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Oct 11, 2005
Orange County, NY
Might return dark iris. Thoughts? Still NIB.
if you aren't sure, you might as well return. chances are you will be able to buy it back in the future if you change your mind.

they are just sitting there in stock on most sites. Even Union has them in stock on the site

not that resale value should be the indicator on what pairs you keep/return, all im saying is that if you did change your mind down the road, you'd likely be able to buy them resale at a retail price
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Oct 9, 2002
Boulder, CO
@ZeroDeeFeX got millions of dollars of sock money buy those LG cabinets let us know how they are

I've got literally TENS OF DOLLARS of monies waiting to be spent.

For real, though, I almost bought the LG Styler steam closet then slapped myself when I realized how dumb that would be. If they follow pricing, this will be a fucking $1000-2000 steam chamber and like $100 boxes for your shoes.

I suspect the market is South Korea and they expect people to have a few pairs of kicks, not 100.
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May 16, 2001
how’s comfort
Comfort is decent out of the box. I mean given how old the model is and the lack of tech...comfort on par with an AJ1, or an NB 550. :dunno:

Upper is pretty padded and the leather is thick so I think once they break in a bit they'll be quite comfy I think.
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